Marketing Meeting 2011-12-07

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Present: Andrew, Dominic, Jake, Spencer, James, Hayley.

With involvement from Gareth, David H, Kate.


Online stuff:

  • Weekly blogger rota on the wiki - Andrew
  • Flickr username/password distributed to marketing team - Dominic
  • Nottinghack website username creation (for Andrew, others?) - James
  • Writing up homepage tag + image instructions for Nottinghack website - James
  • Wordpress templates / plugins to help automating blog posts - Andrew
  • "Latest news" change to "Blog" in header - James
  • Fix DM to Tweet - James
  • Guidance on Facebook questions - apart from membership/direct personal things, direct to the Google Group.

Physical stuff:

  • Make more leaflet boxes - Dominic
  • Sort prices for leaflets and materials from local shop, a generic list of prices for James - Jake
  • Double check bookmark material - Jake
  • 1000 for £80 or so, proposal going to board - Dominic