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Members are able to bring suggestions for changes to layout, purchase of tools and other ideas to members meetings. The best way to make sure that an idea is considered fully is look at what information successful suggestion have had, and what information members are likely to need to know to make an informed decision.

Getting to a meeting with a suggestion to be told you need you 'go and do X, and come back next month' is frustrating.

When discussing suggestions to the space, we want to reach conclusions where everyone feels they have buy-in and are happy to contribute on the execution. Using the template here is likely to increase the chance an idea will be considered fully at a meeting.

There needs to be a space to save proposal pages, where they can be linked to meeting agendas and minutes.

The Problem

What problem are you trying to solve? Be as precise as you can. Who, what, where, when and how.

The Solution

Think of a name for what you're proposing. There may be similar proposals, so maybe add a number. Eg "Convert Classroom to petting zoo 1" Again Who, what, where, when and how? What does 'done' look like?

Who Benefits

What could the positive side effects be?

Who Loses Out

With any change someone is going to lose out. At the Hackspace physical space is in contention. Be honest about the negative effects on others.


Money that will need to come out of the bank. Pledge Drives.

Diagrams (2d /3d)?

For space usage and new tools then there needs to be suitable measurements taken to the right standards, and drawn up in the right way.

Does this involve building Stairs?

Just answer no.

Who ought to be consulted?

Ideally who ought to be consulted?

Who has been consulted?

It's hard to consult people. Taking in the right channel on the slack, to trustees if appropriate and members of the Teams who look after various areas may be a good. Take note of people who are both for and against and why.

What skills are required?

General shifting of stuff, Electrical installation, plumbing, painting, zoo keeping etc.

Who's agreed to be involved / how will things get done?

Who's going to run this, spend money, organise Hack the Space days etc.


Are there any time constraints to the work?

Other Options Considered

What other options have been considered?