Mortiser Pledge

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This pledge is for a Mortising Machine, specifically a J. SAgar & Co. three phase model, as shown in the photo to the left.

Whilst aged from use, and dirty from storage, when examined in person it remains in excellent working order, with no backlash or stiffness in the mechanisms.


The machine is offered at £80, hire of a van with tail lift to collect is approximately £75, and fuel for said van is likely to cost £30 to collect from between Retford and Gainsborough

Total £185

A new DOL Starter (Motor Safety Switch) to connect the motor may be required at an additional £30, but there are currently suitable components in the electronics area to build a starter without additional cost.

List of pledges

Please only post on the Google Group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Joshua Kelly £246 Yes Machine, Van, Fuel, DOL, 3ph Wire
Steven Haley £30 Yes Paid via bank transfer, reference MORTSH (Confirmed SH)
Andrew Walters £30 Yes (Confirmed AW)
Paul Meynell £30 Yes (Confirmed PM)
Tom Grover £30 Yes (Confirmed TG)