Noisebridge Pledge

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Pledge fund for Noisebridge hackspace, San Francisco (see [1])

Noisebridge are raising funds for renovation. In the spirit of inter-hackspace support, this pledge drive is raising some funds for them.

Pledge drive will close at the end of July 2014.

Who How Much Paid Method Paid
Michael E £10 Y Bank doofus ref: NBPLEDGE_ME
Lionel £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: Noisebridge
Spencer O £10 Y Bank Transfer. Ref: NBPLEDGE-SO
Mark P £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: noisebridge
Dominic M £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: NOISEBRIDGEDM
Robert H £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: NOISEBRIDGERHUNT
James H £10
James F £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: NBPLEDGE-JF
Matt Little £10 Y Bank Transfer Ref: NBPLEDGEML
Ian D £10 Y Bank transfer. Ref: NBPLEDGE-ID
Daniel £10 Y Bank Transfer. Ref: NBPLEDGE-DS
Max C £10 Y Indiegogo Fundraising Ref: a-ad15fe54e6f9b34cb5cd28