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Trip to Maker Faire Newcastle 11th to 13th March

This will be a road trip (anyone got a car?) to the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle. The event is on Saturday and Sunday 12/13th but with a UK Hackspace folk meet up on the evening of Friday 11th.

Date 11/12/13 March 2011

Organisers No one really


The train takes 3.5hrs and cheapest tickets I can find start at £77.80 (!!) per person.

The other options are:

Take a couple of cars - Any offers??? [john c] I can take my car and 2-3 others

Hire a people carrier - Seven seater from: is £126 for fri-sun obviously plus petrol

Hire a mini bus - 17 seater minibus from: is £288, any ideas of cheap minibus?...


I have booked a 6 bed room in a hostel for the nights of 11/12th at a cost of £240 for both nights. If we can get 6 people in then it will be £20 per person per night, otherwise it will be a bit more.

Hostel details here:

Currently the people who have said yes for accommodation are: me(Matt Little), Rep-rap Matt, Dominic, James, Michael(?),David(?)

[john c] I have booked a hotel (using points) Jurys Inn


Hack-based fun with some non-virtual time in the local pubspace.