Nottingham Co-Operative Society Bakery, Meadow Lane

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Old Co-Op Bakery Meadow Lane, Nottingham

The Old Bakery has two floors. Only the ground floor is to let as of October 2012. The ground floor is 8,500 sq ft the 1st floor is 6,000 sq ft.

The building is architecturally significant and highly recognisable due to it's riverside 180 degree bay window at the rear. Which offers lots of light and views up and down the river Trent.

The building is in an area that for the last 20 years has been listed for development into a huge waterside shopping, housing and marina area. These plans have been shelved several times. It's possible the current owners are waiting to benefit from a Compulsory Purchase Order. The building isn't listed (as far as we know we've not checked) and is unlikely to be saved given that the Trent Lane Depot building is likely to suffer a similar fate too.

Rent & Rates

The owners are keen to have tenants as soon as possible and made a very good offer to Nottingham Hackspace of several months of free rent.

  • The rental per annum is c£19k with a deposit of 3 months rent to be paid.
  • We will make an enquiry with the City Council about rates.


The building has quite a history. It was built as the bakery, staff canteen and confectioners for the Nottingham Co-Operative Society. The Nottingham Co-Op (now part of the bigger Co-Op group) was a huge business in Nottingham. It had buildings all along the bank of the Trent from the current Meadow Lane dairy to the Lady Bay Bridge including bottling plants, garages, stables, removals company and bakery.

In this history of a Nottinghamshire lady there is a mention of this building in 1940's

"The bakery was in Meadow Lane, Nottingham, and the office was on the first floor above the loading bay where the delivery carts were lined up. The horses were kept in the stables further up Meadow Lane. The machines for making the bread, the confectionery department, and the canteen were on the ground floor. The canteen was very good and provided hot or cold meals throughout the day and night. The canteen was a very large room with a balcony and a huge bay window overlooking the River Trent." From Una's 1940's Story

It was a victim of the Nottingham Blitzon the night of the 8th May 1941 a bomb hit the building resulting in a large number of casualties. More recently it has been used as a bathroom and kitchen showroom by the now liquidated company Stephen Jenkins.