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Tools that were available for use in the Old Craft Room. Much of this equipment is now located in the Textiles Workshop

The old craft room

Knitting Needles

Straight needles

Straight needles are in either old UK measurement or metric - both are provided for ease.

Size (mm/UK) Length Material
2.75mm/12 10" Steel
2.75mm/12 12" Steel
3mm/11 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 12" Steel
3.25mm/10 10" Steel
3.25mm/10 14" Steel
3.75mm/9 12" Steel
4mm/8 14" Steel
4mm/8 14" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4mm/8 12" Steel
4.5mm/7 7" Steel
4.5mm/7 10" Steel
4.5mm/7 10" Steel
5.5mm/5 9.75" Steel
5.5mm/5 14" Steel
5.5mm/5 11.5" Steel
5.5mm/5 12" Plastic
6mm/4 12" Plastic
7mm/2 14" Plastic
12mm/NA 16" Plastic
15mm/NA 16" Plastic

Double-pointed needles

DPNs are in sets of four.

Size (mm/UK) Length Material
3.25mm/10 12" Steel
10mm/000 8" Plastic

Circular needles

No circular needles yet. Donations gratefully accepted.

Crochet Hooks

Size (mm) Material
3.75 Metal
5 Metal
10* Plastic

Size 10 crochet hook - size is not indicated on needle. Best guess.

Other items

Small Items

  • Dressmaker pins
  • Sewing needles (various sizes)
  • Pincushion
  • Scissors


As well as some spare parts and equipment for the machines (to be audited at a later date)


  • Cutting Table
  • Clothes rack with hangers
  • Bags, boxes and shelves


  • Hand-knitting yarn (primarily DK acrylic)
  • Machine-knitting yarn
  • Fabric/old clothing
  • Sewing thread on spools for portable sewing machine