Orientation Workshops Meeting 20150811

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Orientation Workshop Meeting 2015-08-11

Attendees: Mouse, Vicky, David C, Lori

Agenda: Orientation Workshop Goals


  • Purpose of workshop:
    • To help with the culture of the space by getting new members to understand how we do things
    • To help new members feel more included and able to do stuff
  • We should go over the New Member Guide
    • We can also generate a list of corrections / suggestions for the guide as a deliverable of this process

Action Items

  1. Everyone: Read through guide and make list of errors / improvements, familiarize self with contents
  2. Mouse: change meeting date to Fri nights, 6:45-7:30

Next Steps

  • Talk about contents of guide
  • Make list of potential workshop topics from guide contents
  • Collage corrections and pass to Guide editor(s)