PSoC Introduction

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This Workshop introduces the Cypress PSoC range of MCU devices and Development Kits.

PSoC stands for Programmable System on a Chip. The PSoC devices have been through a number of families and there are different versions within those families. Devices generally comprise the following

  • an MCU one of the 8 bit M8C proprietary core an 8051 and ARM M0, M0+ or M3
  • serial comms blocks called SCBs (can be I2C, UART, SPI etc)
  • hardware Timer Counters / Pulse Width Modulators (TCPWMs)
  • programmable hardware blocks (CPLD style logic blocks and registers)
  • programmable analogue blocks including Op-Amps, Comparators, ADCs and DACs

Devices are configured and programmed with PSoC Creator an IDE which includes schematic capture and a toolchain that compiles, programmes and debugs application code.