Banjo Bag

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Banjo Bag
Primary Contact Msemtd
Created 31/06/2013
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Status Planning
Type Members Project
Live Status
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Project Plan

I need a nice bag for my Skate Banjo.

  • "Zero-cost" Reuse/recycle project
  • Protective
    • but a soft and light bag rather than rigid carry-case
    • showerproof - light rainfall should not cause problems
  • camping mat foam or similar
  • nylon from various old coats
    • Aldi ski jacket
    • Aldi cycling jackets x3
    • Police jacket
  • carrying mechanisms: -
    • handles
    • backpack-style
    • look at commercial designs
    • I have lots of old backpacks for materials
  • Zips and velcro
  • nice lining
  • sewing machine skills!
    • piping
    • overlocking?
  • extra pockets and other features
  • 256Mb of RAM :)