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Blog that sh1t!

Hi my name's Michael Erskine and I'm a recovering software engineer. Please sponsor my efforts to move into the world of hardware where I can't just allocate an array of ten thousand objects to do my bidding. I can't even find the right capacitor!


What on earth is "msemtd"?

  • Michael
  • Stewart
  • Erskine
  • Mapping
  • Technical
  • Development

In the late 80's I began working as a software engineer at my first real job out of college. At this particular company each employee's Unix username was made up form their initials and their job description. My role as a software developer in the Geographical Information Systems department defined my first real email address, IRC nick, etc. and has become a handy, generally easy to use identifier for life on the interweb waves.

Areas of interest and/or skill

  • I'm a qualified First Aider and I head up the Safety Team
  • Debian GNU Linux
  • Computer languages: C, Perl, Java, C#, Assembler
  • bicycles
  • 1980s arcade machine culture
  • skateboarding
  • twisty puzzles and speedcubing
  • tattooing
  • memorising pi


Category:Michael's Projects

Wish List

Laser tests

Parts Box

F-F jumpers or just the headers:

Sources of robot parts

Lightake compelling items

Relays - switches, etc.

Philips stepper motors

Tools etc. for loan

  • Wallpaper Steam Stripper
Msemtd steam stripper.png
  • Black & Decker PowerFile
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Extending Loppers
  • Tattoo Machine (!)

I Can Be Found At...

My domains: -



Email (do people still use that?)



  • Middle Age Shred

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