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Optic Dispenser

General Description

The optic dispenser pours a unit of alcohol (i.e. 25 ml) for each dispensing operation. Commercial optic measures are use for this, driven by a servo.

Mounting & hardware

Servo is attached to plate which is mounted at the normal to the optic mounting board. Hardware:

  • 4 x 30mm M3 machine screw
  • 4 x M3 locknut
  • self-adhesive cable clip or P-clip w/ small self taping wood screw
  • string / cable
  • quick release cable clip (for when we need to change the bottle)? (to be designed!)
  • High torque servo (see Daniel's purchases on Project:BarBot/Purchases and expenditure page)


  • [boot]Sends message: "ready <dispenser-id>"
  • Receives message: "dispense".
  • Uses servo to open value
  • Pause enough time for pouring of drink
  • Returns servo to closed value position
  • Sends message: "done <dispenser-id>"
  • Pause long enough to refill optic chamber before accepting second dispense signal
  • Sends message: "ready <dispenser-id>"


No integral arduino in optic dispenser - is controlled by central Arduino directly.

  • 1 x PWM pin from Arduino
  • +5VDC from external supply
  • Common ground (Arduino & external supply)


Only control from Arduino directly - power comes from external 5V supply which can deliver more current (PC power supply?)


LED shining into the optic chamber / bottle would look good.

Would require:

  • Arduino ground
  • Arduino digital output pin