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Primary Contact Mousetad
Created 28/03/2014
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Members Daniel Swann, Ed Raisin, Ian Dickinson, Michael Erskine
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BarBot Project

As per the project announcement on the mailing list, the goal of this project is to create a robot capable of serving (some) cocktails. Some pictures of cocktail robots can be found in the presentation shown at open night on 2014-03-26.



To have a functional booze-serving robot ready to take to EM Fields at the end of August 2014.

Minimal functionality

  • Make drinks from a combination of four or more spirits (six is better)
  • To have some visibly moving part(s) - i.e. not the Bartendro approach where ingredients are pumped to a static glass via static tubes.
  • For punters to be able to choose their beverage interactively (options include a punch card)

Stretch Goals

  • Have options to add mixers (e.g. tonic water)
  • Ice dispenser
  • Make it look pretty

Project Management


Major contributors:

  • Daniel Swann
  • Ed Raisin
  • Ian Dickinson
  • Michael Erskine
  • Mouse

Collaborators wanted! We're moving from prototyping individual parts to putting the machine together now. Task with which we could use help/collaboration:

  • Web interface
  • Frame building (box steel frame)
  • Thematic design
  • Power system

See also: Makers page to see who's doing what.


Meeting are at 19:30 on Thursdays at Nottinghack, change announcements will be via the Nottinghack mailing list.

See also: Meeting Archive

Mailing List

To communicate with the makers online, please join the barbot mailing list.

Project timeline

The goal is to have a working robot to take to EM Fields which is at the end of August 2014. More details of sub-project deadlines / goals on the BarBot/Project timeline page.

Purchases & Expenditure

I'd like to keep track of how much is spent on what so I can look back at the end of the project and have a good idea of what it costs to do something like this. I'd also like to reimburse anyone who spends more than their fair share. Please track expenditure on the Purchases and expenditure page.


Barbot map1.png

  • Dispensers arranges in a line, dispensers are static
  • Glass on moving platform, which moves along a makerslide (1.5m length)
  • Dispensers of various types:
    • Optics for booze
    • Pressurised dispensers for carbonated and other mixers
    • Squirters/dashers to add a little bit of something (limejuice, tobasco and such)
    • Big syringe for grenadine, because big syringes are cool

Stations and postions

Distance is from the far left. and to the centre of each station.
For coding distance from end stop subtract 105 mm Actual drop position for the umbrella may be.

ID Distance in mm Description
1 105 End stop and first Optic
2 205 Optic
3 305 Optic
4 405 Optic
5 505 Optic
7 605 Optic
8 670 Mixer
9 730 Mixer
10 790 Mixer
11 850 Mixer
12 910 Mixer
13 970 Mixer
14 1030 Dash
15 1090 Dash
16 1150 Dash
17 1205 Cherries
18 1265 Lemon
19 1320 Stirring device
19 1375 Syringe
20 1415 Umbella (Last posible station distance)

See separate pages with details of each device Project:BarBot/Components

Fundamental sub-projects

Supplies for EMF Camp

I want to take a bunch of drink to EMF camp and serve free cocktails. The gifting culture is a wonderful thing, and necessary to avoid conflict with the event licensed bar, but it means we have to fund-raise before hand do buy the stuff. We'll have to fork out for:


I want to serve on Friday and Saturday nights, for about 3 hours per night. I think we can probably serve one drink every 2 minutes, which means we're going to get through about 150-200 drinks. Assuming 200, with an average of 2 * 25 ml shots per drink, and 50ml of mixer, that's:

  • 10 litres of spirits = about £150
  • 10 litres of mixers = about £10-20
  • About £60 for nice disposable glasses or about £20 for less nice ones. We can have a mixture of them.

Basically, we're looking at a £200 bill for all this if we're going to get cheap booze... more money means better quality boozes.

Costs & Fund-raising

Building the whole thing is going to cost moneys. So far (as of June 11th 2014), people who are working on the project are buying components they need them, and (I hope) filling in the Purchases and expenditure page. However, costs are going to mount and I'd like to reimburse people for the money they've spent. We also need money for supplies, and to pay for a van to take everything to EMF camp.

Potential Funding Sources

I'd rather not pan-handle, so here are some other ideas:

  • Solicit moneys from the space as part of the EMF camp efforts. This has already been provisionally agreed in the case of hiring a van, and in return I have offered to provide a service to the space by taking larger items of infra for the event, and perhaps tents and other large items for members who are attending.
  • Poker nights at the space: £10 buy in, £5 goes to BarBot funds.

Fundraiser Event

August 16th fundraiser event details here here


To date, Barbot has been run at the following events:

  • Barbot fundraiser at Nottinghack - 16/8/14
  • EMF Camp 2014
  • Petch Kutcha at Nottinghack - 19/9/14
  • Derby Maker Faire (sections working, but not making drinks) -25/10/14
  • HS2.5 Fundraising Party at Antenna - 24/3/16
  • EMF Camp 2016
  • Private party at a Nottinghack member's house
  • Uncanny Christmas Party at Primary, Nottingham - 10/12/16

Ideas from EMF2022

  • External display for IP address (EMF 10 day leases are not working and phoning NOC to find the IP every evening was not ideal)
  • Support shutting down the order site separately from admin for last call
  • Next order display
  • Continue displaying the name of the drink and who ordered it is on the make page
  • Filter database by ingredients (we have tons of spiced rum which didn't get used because it was removed from all the receipes)
  • Edit the description and picture in the website
  • Ability to filter drinks order menu by type for people (alcohol etc)
  • Display "wait time" (order to dispense time) so people can understand how big a queue there is
  • Order history in the website