Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-18

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Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-18


  • Ian D
  • Toby J
  • Mouse

What Happened

  • Got together the parts we've got so far
  • Talked about a minimal system to test
  • Ian soldered 22-15mm adapter to hose fitting for section between supply regulator and equal T above accumulator, and used a jubilee clip to secure the hose
  • Discussed removing the valve from empty butane cylinders to reveal threaded hole, into which we need to put some sort of adapter which goes to 22mm pipe (probably have to make something on the lathe - doubtless a weird thread / size)
    • Eddie suggested going to flow gas with an empty cylinder and asking them to remove the value
    • Failing that, I've arranged to get a length of scaffolding pole which we can use as an extender on a socket to remove the valve ourselves. Will likely need to make the socket at the space, but will do the removal in Mouse's garden


  • Wednesday at open night: get one of the trustees to give us access to downstairs so we can pick up one of the empty butane cylinders
  • Thursday:
    • Toby & Mouse to take cylinder to Flow Gas and see if they'll do us a favor and remove the value / flush the cylinder for us. Failing that, see if we can remove it ourselves
    • Toby & Mouse to go to the Castle Marina, and buy some propane hose / any other bits which seem useful
  • Saturday: Ian and Toby going to Mouse's place to play with propane. Objectives:
    • See how much of a plume we get from 4-bar coming out of a 22mm stack. This will tell us what a sustained burn will look like after the initial poof. Not something we desperately need to know, but I'm curious.
    • Hack together a pilot system with a low pressure regulator if we can. Test in strong wind (using large fan)

Next Meeting: Monday 25th 20:00, at the space (provisional)