Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-23

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Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-23


  • Ian D
  • Toby J
  • Mouse

Also making at the space:

  • Russell
  • Matt Lloyd
  • Tomandahalf

Also at the test:

  • KirstyButts
  • Kate H
  • Amy
  • Daniel
  • Sideshow

Full house!

What Happened

At the space:

  • Tomandahalf made us a quick release fitting for the air compressor
  • Ian and russell helped weld it to some 22mm copper pipe
  • Pressure test with up to 6 bar air at the space, using soapy water to find leaky joints. A few very slow leaks at pressure, but nothing to worry about. Matt Lloyd is good with a spanner so we pretty much eliminated them.
  • Toby made the funnel / fan dryer ducta lot of pressure
  • Mouse soldered up power for the dryer

To Leslie Road:

  • Test up to about 1.8 bar propane, with no accumulator; which turned out to be plenty for an impressive puff with 22mm piping
  • Regulator has a feature where you press down on the adjuster to get 1 bar out - makes a nice little puff when the non-boost position is low as there is not much storage space in the tubing for gas
  • No problems with flash down into the pipe
  • Forgot to weigh propane tank before and after, so we don't know how much we used
  • Chilli and spuds, yum!


  • Ian to get parts together for a 15mm prototype using a solenoid valve / no accumulator
  • Mouse to continue trying to get valve out of empty butane tank for accumulator (Tomandahalf if working on making a tool to help with this)
  • Perhaps we can have a single 15mm line with several smaller solenoid valves along the length. If they're cheap enough to get 10-15, we could maybe do the original plan of having a fire "puck" for pong! Electric igniters would be good here, or electric + oxygenated (blue) pilots?
  • Fit gauze into 22mm barrel (although frankly, doesn't seem necessary

Next Meeting: end of next week?