Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-05-19

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Fire Pong Meeting 2016-05-19


  • Ian D
  • Mouse

Undocumented meetings

Ian and I (Mouse) have met several times and gone hunting for various parts in recent weeks, but I didn't write it out. Meh. One of the things which has happened is that I've tried to secure funding. EMF have said they will give us some money, but asked for details and I didn't get a response after providing them, so we don't know how much.

I've also approached the space for getting Awesome Projects money which was previously promised. As an incentive I've offered to open up sub projects to the membership to get more people involved - these collaborations are good for the community.

What Happened

  • Review of parts we've ordered which have arrived:
    • Metal stock for cutting tank adapter on lathe
    • 3/8" equal Ts from BSS instead of 1/4" (BSS error, Mouse to go and swap them tomorrow)
    • A couple of 1/4" solenoids, and a 1/2" solenoid
    • Some four small lengths of nominal 1/4" galvanized steel pipe
    • A couple of 1/4" BSPT F-F couplers
    • Plug for 15mm compression T to fix up test rig
  • Made some forms with polyfilla which might work as mounts for electrodes. Now drying in spray booth with DNH sticker
  • Tested some other ideas for mounting igniter electrodes. Found a method that works with the ceramic parts of power resistors! Mouse to heat shrink these and re-attach them later this evening
  • Plugged hole where second solenoid was removed from test rig & pressure tested, so we can take it to Matt L's party. :)
  • Tested 1/4" BSPT tapping on a length of nominal 1/4" steel pipe - worked very nicely


  • Get money from space, advertise sub-projects to membership and get prepared to manage people
  • See how the test rig goes at Matt L's do
  • Big puffers:
    • Mill tank valve removal tool to fit second tank valve
    • Remove second accumulator tank valve, check thread is same as first one!
    • Get Mr. Martin to cut the adapter for the accumulator tank & test
    • Work out how to attach low pressure regulator to bug puffer columns
    • Fit and test pilot & big puffer
  • Small puffers:
    • Swap 3/8" Ts for 1/4" Ts at BSS
    • Work out how to split supply to three parts (two big puffers + row of small puffers, with isolation valves for each of the three components)
  • Bats
  • Control