Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-06-08

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Fire Pong Meeting 2016-06-08 - Call For Participation


  • Ian D
  • Mouse
  • Others (add yourself, I don't know everyone's names)


= Presentation & Discussion

  • Presented thing.
  • Matt Lloyd mentioned some things from EMF org:
    • Might need to do a risk assessment
    • Pedestrian Barriers would probably best be rented through EMF org
    • Location possibly up against the fence near to Grid (awesome!)
  • Agreement that "Rule Zero*" (with * as a superscript) is a good name - at least for now
  • Ideas were ventured, No concrete offers of assistance though. Hopefully people will turn up to meetings

Workshop After

  • Ian and Mouse tapped some more nominal 1/4" pipe with BSPT 1/4" die. Found it difficult to grip pipe tightly enough. Crushed one short section.
  • Getting together a minimal BSPT section with one elbow and a solenoid which can be pressure tested for leaks - will continue at meeting tomorrow
  • Must remember PTFE tape tomorrow!
  • Meeting tomorrow at 19:30 at Nottinghack