Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-06-09

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Fire Pong Meeting 2016-06-09


  • Ian D
  • Mouse


At The Space

  • Assembled minimal BSPT section, attached to prototype small puffer with solenoid on the end
  • Attached air hose source attachment, & pressure tested to 3 bar. One thread needed re-doing with more PTFE tape and then was pretty much sealed. Tiny bubbling, but nothing to worry about
  • Connected propane regulator source again.

At Mouse's Place

  • Tested spark igniter and Arduino control with Mouse's prototype electronics
  • Added pre-burn solenoid open (13 ms open, 250 ms closed, then main burn)
  • With pre-burn, ignition reliable
  • Cross wind (from a mouth) made ignition less reliable
  • Still didn't run out of propane, although no liquid LPG left - just gas pressure
  • Test big success!


  • Next meeting at the space Saturday afternoon start around 1330/1400
  • At the meeting: Ian to bring all solenoids - time to try to assemble 5 puffer section!