Golden Toilet Roll Holder

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Golden Toilet Roll Holder
Primary Contact Michael Erskine
Created 04/09/13
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Whilst refurbishing my bathroom I found that the old toilet roll holder no longer had a good home and so I decided to integrate it into a lovely old music stand.

This item has clearly raised my social status a number of rungs - I am now royalty!


A typical bog-roll holder hot-melt glued onto a piece of signage plastic (of which we have lots in the Hackspace) and spray painted gold. Total project time 30 minutes. The thermoplastic has been cut to shape, sanded, heated and bent around a dowel to form two forward-facing hooks. The music stand book-holder angled plates provide a place for the hooks but unfortunately on the first draft in the photos above, the hooks are too long and so the holder is tied on with rope. This can be remedied in a number of ways and I'll get round to that!