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Recently I have been building Nildon'ts. Nildon'ts are nice things, both to make and to hold. However, nailing down exactly what constitutes a Nildon't is proving to be an interesting experiment in value definition, semantics and in the difficulties of communicating a given schema to another person. Necessarily the definition is fluid, and differs subtly from person to person, and is subject to change over time. A nildon't is a little like Justice Potter Stewart's famous statement on obscenity, it's pretty hard to define, but you'll know it when you see it...

The Properties of a Nildon't

Nildon'ts are a developing project, and the definition of what exactly are the defining features of a nildon't are undergoing change and debate. As more are built the object-space that they fill becomes more clear the characteristics and significant attributes become clearer. Until then, the following should be taken as a guide only...

  • A nildon't is NOT a dildo. This is the one certain and non negotiable characteristic of a nildon't.
  • A nildon't should be satisfying to hold, by reason of either weight, texture or other pleasing characteristic.
  • A nildon't should have some element of mystery. It should be heavier than it looks like it should be, or it should glow slightly, or move interestingly when turned. The source/cause of the unusual property should not be intermediately obvious.
  • A nildon't should be of a size that can comfortably be held in the hand.
  • A nildon't should be unique, and handmade.
  • A nildon't can have no purpose other than to be a nildon't.
  • A nildon't should have puch.