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Primary Contact Msemtd
Created 22/05/2013
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Status Dormant
Type Members Project
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That's Numberwang!

A dedicated bartop arcade machine to play the mythical game "Numberwang" as made famous by the comedy duo Mitchell And Webb.

Just google it!

Basic Design

  • Hardware is based on a 15" Dell LCD monitor set in portrait mode
  • a small PC is required; perhaps Raspberry Pi depending on multimedia capabilities
  • speakers
  • control panel - swap out controls for real single-player arcade controls - USB preferred - perhaps minumus HID


This project is near-zero-cost and running concurrently with various others (BMO, skate-banjo, etc.) while I learn a decent games/multimedia API (SDL)

  • The existing monitor mount doesn't allow rotation so it has been mounted on a portrait-capable monitor stand that I got from a skip. Some mechanical fudging was required to make the bolts fit the available mounting holes!
  • A sturdy chipboard base has been ripped to size
  • I have picked and ripped to size some MDF boards from the Hackspace sheet materials scraps
  • I'm designing a simple side profile for the cabinet
  • I've used some of the plastic display sheeting to make a simple bezel to centrally locate the screen within the cabinet face