Queen's Bridge Road, Nottingham, NG2 1NB

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Former Anixter Warehouse

PDF of property details File:Queen's Bridge Road, Nottingham.pdf

This property is very close to Nottingham Station and next door to the Castle Rock Brewery and the Vat & Fiddle pub we used to frequent at Hackspace 1.0 back in 2010/11. It has secure parking for several cars as well as gates and roller shutter doors and the like for access to the space.

The property is 9955.53 sq ft (924.9 sq m) with an eve height of 5.15m meaning we could put in a sizable mezzanine floor. The unit also has offices, kitchen and toilets etc. It doesn't appear to have very many windows inside.

Rent & Rates

The rent was described as a "passing rent" of £39,375 pa (£3.95 sq ft) that does not include VAT. A passing rent is the rent a previous tenent paid for the property so it's implied that this could be the same, go up in a high demand period or go down in a low demand period so there maybe room for negotiation.