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Radio Group
Radio group.jpg
Name Radio Group
When 2nd Wednesday of the month
Where Blue Room
Discord radio

A few of us are trying to arrange some sort of semi-regular radio-related meetup. A few ideas to get us started:

  • Show and Tell: bring radios, SDRs, etc and let people play on them
  • Informal talks about specific topics
  • Demonstrations / Workshops (simple example might be receiving SSTV from IIS)
  • Supervised amateur radio operation

Our first meetup will be on Wednesday the 10th of April at 7pm.

It's important to mention that while some may have an amateur radio license, it is not required to have fun with radios. Playing with SDR and decoding pager messages, RTTY, APRS, etc, is all good fun. As of February 2024, all three amateur radio license levels allow supervision within the supervisors license constraints which opens the door to getting people interested in operation.

Longer term, there are a few cool things we could do:

  • Campaign for a radio area within the space (could just be a bench in the studio, perhaps against the wall, hint) with RFID controlled power for equipment requiring a license
  • Get a club callsign and offer amateur radio license training - initially could refer people to OARC
  • Setup a data nodes, packet gateway, LoRa gateway, etc


Date Plans
10/04/2024 Play and Chat
08/05/2024 ?