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Want to run an event or workshop? Read on!

Running an Event or Workshop

This document is a Work in Progress. Please use the discussion page to note errors/improvements.

We encourage you to run events or workshops at the Hackspace. The are a few rules and guidelines. The words events and workshop are used interchangeably in this document.

Events are generally things where you're organising something where you'd like other hackspace members or the public to join.

Examples we've had include Regular Old Time Music, Bad Films or Comic making events. One off events have been Screen Printing, Lockpicking, Arduino Programming, and Using Inkscape.

We've also had external speakers, and hosted some events on meet-ups.

Events usually have a hacking or making theme.

Individual inductions are not events, although groups inductions could be run as events for members.

There are a few things to consider.

  • Is the events be charged for?
  • Will the event be open to members of the public?
  • Are you using hackspace tools?
  • Do you need exclusive or majority use of part of the hackspace or tools?

You may need a Risk Assessment.

Events can be advertised on Eventbrite, and the number of attendees can be managed with Eventbrite tickets. Eventbrite does not charge for free events. Eventbrite takes a small amount for paid events.

For paid for events, after materials it's usual to split revenue 50/50 with the space. This is the same split we have for inductions.

This process is described in the following flowchart.

Events Process Flowchart.png

Want to run an event but not a Hackspace Member?

We welcome workshops and events run at the space that use our facilities.

For workshops generally a flat charge or percentage of the cost of the tickets is needed to be taken to the Hackspace.

For booking areas exclusively, such as the Classroom for use as an event space, there would be a charge for use - we are a non-profit volunteer organisation so the priority of space usage is also for the members so they would take priority.

We might be also be able help with tea/coffee etc. depending on requirements. Tours of the space may be available if useful.

The best idea is to contact the Trustees for enquiries of this nature.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment can be filled in for events to assist with having the event run safely for all attendees. This is required for public events or those run by external people (for themselves or others) so the Trustees have a record of the risks and that they've vetted it for covering our public liability insurance.

The template attached can be filled in. It has example risks suitable for using computers and other simple things. These can be removed and new risks added at the end. Risk Assessment Template Download.