Soldering Irons

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Soldering Irons
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Black Weller

The 'classic' temperature controlled bench soldering iron, used in industry for years, and replacement parts are still available.

The Weller TCP irons use a unique temperature control mechanism, where the magnetic properties (Curie-point) of the bit itself control the point where the power to the iron is switched off. Each bit has a stamped in the end to denote the switching temperature, the black Weller should use number 7 bits, 700F / 370C suitable for leaded soldering.

Blue Weller

An updated version of the Black Weller, this one using number 8 bits, 800F / 430C more suitable for lead-free soldering.

Maplin Temperature controlled

We have two of these. The elements have burned out previously and been replaced - this is not an easy fix, and when they next give problems replacement units should be bought.

Have a display of temperature, so can be adjusted for both leaded and lead-free work.

Non-TC irons

These irons do not have temperature feedback, although some may be able to be set 'hotter' or 'cooler'.

Hot Air Gun

We'd like to get

A flexible temperature-controlled (with temperature readout) re-work station with iron and hot air tools.