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On the 29th June 2013 members will be meeting to plan a strategy for the next few years of Nottingham Hackspace. If you'd like to join us, register on the EventBrite page:


The agenda for the day will be something like:

What does the Hackspace need now?

  • Are there tools that we are missing?
  • Should we replace tools we have with better quality ones?
  • Should we have areas that are task-specific?
  • Are there tasks that we are missing?
  • Do we have enough space right now?

I'm suggesting we split into smaller groups to discuss and then feed back to the larger group.

In the next year, what should we do in each area?

Thinking of each area of the space (Kitchen, Studio, Blue room, etc, etc) what should we do in that area in the next year?

We'll flipchart each area and individually place ideas (or vote on existing ideas) for each area. As a group we can then prioritise these to work out a plan.

Where next?

A few years from now, we'll probably want to move to a new space... or will we? That's the last big discussion!

  • Shall we move to a new space?
    • Short team lease?
    • Long term lease?
    • Buy?
    • Build?
  • Should we have multiple spaces?
    • Smaller?
    • Personal spaces?
    • Task specific hackspaces?
    • Same building?

We'll probably do this as a full group discussion.