Superbox CNC Router Mesa and Touch Probe Pledge

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Looking to add touch probes to the Superbox CNC Router and move over form basic parallel port based controller to a MESA motion controller.

A Z touch plate will help with in setting up tools offsets, an is the main purchase item
An XYZ plate will help in setting G54. --'RepRap' Matt I'm planing on just milling our own from a block of 100x100x10mm Aluminium

We do not have any free inputs on the current parallel port setup to just add probes with the plates and cables so we need to move over to a Mesa FGPA controller.
A MESA 7i96S would be approximately 184.97€ + 31.03€ shipping (+ vat/duty)

We will need to re-house the current power supplies and stepper drivers that are housed in the current "Supper box" to wire them up to the mesa card
So a large metal enclosure is needed, we may have something in the space already but need to check, so including one just in case we don't, also happy to look at alt supplier suggestions
This is spec'd oversized to allow room inside too mount a VFD spindle drive in a future upgrade


Z Axis Touch Plate

Mesa 7i96S
184.97€ + 31.03€ shipping (DHL)
so €216 = ~ £190
DHL will then want VAT/Duty/handling on the import so say ~£50
190 + 50 = £240

Steel Wall Box 500x400x200mm

Total cost: £344.20 (£255.35 if i can find an enclosure)

List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Please pay (once target reached) with the reference PLEDGECNC-XX where XX is your initials, updating the table below with your reference in "Method Paid"

Pledge Tracking
Who How Much Paid Method Paid
'RepRap' Matt £60 No
James Scholes £20 No
Steve Barnett £50 No
Aaron Jackson £20 No
Douglas Creek £20 No
Ian Turner £10 Yes BACS (confirmed)