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Matt Little has started progress on revising the very outdated (2011) "New Members Guide" which is currently sent out to every new member when they join Nottinghack.

There are several areas which are no longer relevant or have changed and need to be re-evaluated, this may be useful to discuss during the members meeting:

  • Clarification of member storage box policy
    • The charge for a member storage box is currently £5
    • Should there be a minimum monthly payment to be eligible for a storage box?
    • Should members be allowed multiple storage boxes?
    • Handling ex-members storage boxes
  • Clarification of non-member box storage
    • Large project storage created in studio
    • Include large project storage usage/policy information written by Soph/Dominic
    • Do we encourage/allow random items to be stored with a DNH sign on them?
    • DNH information ambigious

Robert (talk) 10:51, 29 December 2014 (UTC)