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  • Fall out from James H's "It's my time" post to the google group
  • Improving member behaviour / involvement:
    • What is the root problem? Many things listed are most likely symptoms of that problem, but have become problems in their own right?
    • Things suggested on the list:
      • being clearer to new members that there are expectations of them
      • chores list
      • more / improved shadow boards
      • better labelling of where stuff goes (we made progress for a while, but it needs to be kept on top of
      • possibly running new member induction days. Will be a PITA, but might be worthwhile

Mouse (talk) 18:39, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

Following on from mouse on improving member behaviours:

  • Care of workshop machines.
    • Victims of broken window syndrome?
      • Certain machines seem to suffer unduly.
        • Bandsaw Blade breakage, esp. Metalwork Startrite
          • Lower Guide missing and upper guide faulty on baby Startrite, Axminster sell ready made upgrade set.
        • Bandsaws, Drills and Myford seem to receive almost no regular after-use cleaning.
          • Hackspace machinery code of practice?
            • Safety, Cleaning and reporting damage - emphasised as above all other things, in that order.
    • A number of anecdotal horror stories surfaced this week.
    • Most non-induction machines are poorly documented, yet may be unfamiliar to many members.
      • Concerted effort to update the Wiki
      • Signboard for each machine including PPE suggested, link to wiki page or print-out user instructions and small whiteboard.
    • Lots of "Noise" RE: tool maintenance on the group recently, as far as I can tell most day to day tasks and some major repairs actually happening very rapidly.
      • Finding a volunteer to build lathe motor-mount? (See Dclarke (talk))
      • Should we recruit more maintainers and/or define them like the laser team has...

Dclarke (talk) 18:25, 7 September 2016 (UTC)

  • Members coming from a distance (miles or hours) can be rightly indignant when they find the hackpace in an unusable state until they have spent time cleaning / clearing / finding tools.
  • Even members from a distance can contribute. but they have to be noticed - so when you update the wiki / contribute to xxx or yyy, make sure that this is posted, and visible to other members.
  • Cleaning the space has got far too much attention in this discussion. Clearing up after your own use is more important. This includes returning tools to the state that they were in when you found them, or the state which they should be in - e.g. if you remove a tool guard, PUT IT BACK afterwards.
  • Don't just be a Hackspace Consumer. no matter how much you pay to use the space for your private purposes / business, you can still attend to and contribute to discussions. If you don't, and others make changes that don't suit you, YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE.
  • Everytime you post "when's XXX going to be fixed", you push the request and the resolution further down the priority queue. Offer, instead, how you can help (doesn't have to be physical / practical direct help - documentation, planning safety gear and cunsumables needs are also relevant)

Jelly (talk) 18:24, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

  • How we 'do' PPE
    • Most of the decent safety glasses are missing, those that remain are dirty, buried under stuff or both.
      • Doors on PPE shelves to at least keep stuff clean.
    • Make/buy simple PPE storage boxes to be sited at the point of use, with a permanently marked set of required items in each box.
    • Buy slightly more expensive but better PPE.
        • Compatibility of eye and ear protection is an issue.
        • Most glasses are not adjustable and ill fitting for most users.
      • Easy to adjust, comfy PPE that "just works" is much more likely to be used and cared for.
    • Mark Cambridge slack suggestion
      • Slightly nicer "personal" PPE available in vending machine?
      • Bigger items Ear-Defenders, Visor - Issued on request by safety team for one person to care for.

Jelly (talk) 19:21, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

  • Nottingham Green Festival is this coming Sunday.
    • Who can attend?
    • What are we going to be doing there?
    • What facilities do we need?