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Arduino Sundae

The kit from - Basis for the workshop 101 [1]

Stuff for the big pot Component list

  • Small motors John can bring about 10 3V motors.
  • Wheels + Axles (some in the store room any other ideas?)
  • Propellers
  • Mosfets or transistors to drive motors (transistors will need a base resistor - John has loads of 1K suitable) John will have about 50 0.5A Mosfets available.
  • Leds (John has loads of hi intensity 3mm blue)
  • 1K resistors - won't get maximum intensity but not bad - don't forget the Oomlout kit has a bunch of LEDs
  • speakers (salvage?) normal or piezo.John can supply four or five
  • Bases or other materials to build things with (there is quite a lot of balsa wood and bits in the store room? A visit to the free shop?)
  • quite a few 8-way DIL dipswitch packages (from Michael Erskine's junk collection)
  • some broken MP3 players and sound-generating children's toys (from Michael Erskine's junk collection)
  • some dance-mats! (essentially big switches) (from Michael Erskine's junk collection)
  • 6No. 74HC595 8bit shift registers (RepRap Matt)

Once we have a bit of a list please find the part number and quantity on Farnell and post it here also. there is an arrangement to place the order.

Arduino Based Exhibits - A list

  • Matt L's Reprap
  • Dominic's Drawbot (with boarduino)
  • Matt's Arduino Tank
  • John's scrolling message board
  • John's wireless RGB LEDs, hooked up to temperature, humidity and light level
  • John's ultrasonic scanner
  • David's addressable Milk Lights

Format for the Day

I think it would be a very good idea to get to the hackspace before 11:00 and get the tables down to the 1st floor and set up nicely. Make the kitchen nice and put the kettle on that sort of thing. We'll need to hunt down lots of chairs too. We'll have at least 20 people there on the day.

Here is the schedual roughly planned out:

10:00 - Organisers and helpful members arrive at the hackspace. 11:00 - Punters start to arrive - informal welcome make people comfy 11:30 - Quick intro + H&S from Dominic

11:40 - Unboxing of Oomlout kit and (using a big picture on projector) explain what the arduino is and what it does. Most of the folks coming are beginners so keep this short and simple. Those who want to know more will ask later. Show how to upload from the arduino environment to the arduino. Let people try this and do the hello world blink. Move round the group and make sure everyone is happy or keeping up.

I think using the Oomlout cards Breadboard Layout Sheet (I'll print a load before the day and leave them on the tables) maybe helpful too though we wont purhaps have the right parts. I think those who want to rush ahead might like that.

12:30 - after only an hour or so of showing and doing together it's time to let people experiement on their own. Anyone who is struggling on their own can get some special attention and encouragement.

14:00 - Showing off other Arduino based stuff from the list above (should this go at the start?)

14:30 onward - folks experiment and get help from John and Matt?

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