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This page need a HMS2 update, Also need to link and change Team:Membership/RFID Replacement

last section should mention/show the "Card registered, PIN cancelled!" message

normal HMS2 process is something like

  • Membership team logs into HMS
  • search for the member using top right box
  • on that members page hit the Manage RFID cards button
  • if possible to identify the old card, edit and mark it as lost
  • back on the RFID cards for page hit the reactivate pin button if the pin state is not already Enroll
  • get a new card from membership storage and deposit £1 from the member
  • to to the Front door Gatekeeper
  • swipe card and type in their Pin

With new temp access booking system
If the space is not Fully Open then an access booking will need to be made for that member and the card swipe/pin entry can not happen until inside that booking window --'RepRap' Matt 10:23, 20 May 2020 (UTC)