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A lot of this could be done off the back of gatekeeper, It will already log and announce who has entered the space to irc/twitter (names given on members permission). I've also done the code for a first in/last out switch which publishes "Last Out" or "First In" to the mqtt topic "nh/gk/LastManState". So i'd start by doin a script that subscribes to "nh/gk/LastManState" and updates a secure page on holly's web server to show if the space is open or closed.

Of course the other option is we invest in RFID asset tracking system and implant RFID chips into each member, this will allow full reacting and access logging of who entered the space and there exact movements. However I feel all of this is getting a little big brother --'RepRap' Matt 15:46, 3 June 2011 (BST)

Botheringly popular idea

I wish as much interest was directed to organising the stuff in the space as seems to go into monitoring, tracking and controlling members. Anyhow, how will this tie in with the Wall of Faces? And what (if any) options will there be to opt-out?