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At the moment, various costs are incurred for network and server infrastructure that are not charged to the space. The following are required to keep our infrastructure as it is!

Monthly Costs

Item Supplier Cost Currently paid by / Notes
External server $50 (aprox £33) 'RepRap' Matt
Offiste backup management service Jungle Disk $5 per server (approx £3.50) 'RepRap' Matt (This is per server currently only andromeda, but we might add hollyvm at some point)
Offsite backup S3 < £1 Currently less than a £1 a month, but would need to be budgeted for more say £5 tops
Line rental + Broadband Talk Talk £40.20 Price effective 01/07/2014 DD

Annual Costs

Do we have any annual costs? SSL certs?

Item Supplier Cost Currently paid by / Notes
Domains Various ?? We should probably split this out £11.99 DD £3.58 DD GoDaddy ??
DNS server $22 a year, approx £15 'RepRap' Matt
Wlidcard SSL Trustico £121.20 Manual vi FairFX
Last Pass Last Pass $17 a user