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Regular task we need todo in order to keep things unto date and running smoothly.

Linux server updates

We have apticron install on the following machines which emails network@ when packages need updating, this helps notify the team when updates need applying. Most can be applied with out issue.

  • HollyVM
  • Andromeda
  • Jarvis

Machine to install apticorn on

  • Rommie
  • Gibson
  • Intersect
  • Joshua
  • OpenVPN
  • Intersect

The following machines need to be manually managed

  • None

Other's software items

The following are systems or software can not be automatically monitored for system updates (e.g. apticron) and need to be check and updated by hand

  • Collective
    • ESXi
  • Kyrten
    • pfSense
  • hollyvm
    • Unfi, wifi control software
    • CakePHP, This might be up to the HMS dev's and the software team
  • Andromeda
    • vimbadmin, email management system
    • roundcube, webmail front end
    • Wordpress, and plugins
    • Media wiki and extensions
    • Planet
    • etherpad
  • Intersect
    • Discourse

None software base

  • Fiber Connection
  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates
  • Network printers