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  • Dominic, Lionel, Michelle, Andrew

Core List

  • Created for members to know what we will always be buying
  • Question: ratification by the board?
    • Nah, mainly for us
  • Make it readable by everyone so members don't constantly request it


  • Kinda arbitrary from initial decision but we'll stick to it for everything for now. Ask board if this needs changing; but we won't need to raise it for ages.

Batteries / expensive individual things

  • No at the moment, maybe yes if we had a vending machine to sell them
  • Rechargeable batteries are another option - keep charged ones for project testing.


  • Processing member requests
    • Triaging the requests
    • Add to the list or not
  • Shopping the items
    • Use database or google spreadsheet
    • List where we buy things; for members, so if anyone has better suggestions we can change it

Next meeting

  • Creation of a core database / spreadsheet on Google
    • Different forms for filling in different things that members and us can perform
    • One page of items request (core/request/etc)
  • Creation of "archive and what we brought and shopping list"
    • Form for what we brought, how much, at what price.
  • Meeting last week of the month; decide shopping list and core list then