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  • Lionel, Dominic, Andrew

Created in the meeting, see main page for these links:

  • Resource Form/spreadsheet
  • Purchase form/spreadsheet
  • Core items form/spreadsheet

Decided in meeting:

  • We will vote on any new items
    • Always - brought again another item, "core" items
    • Once - purchase this item once, decide again next time it comes up
    • No - Do not purchase the item
  • Reasons for rejection won't be recorded as such

To do:

  • Signs in the hackspace
  • Call for requests
  • Further work on main spreadsheets
  • Decided to get some regular suppliers (invoices, easier to manage, no need to shop around all the time for basics - mop heads, bin bags, blue roll - cheap stuff):
    • Toolstation looks good
    • Cromwell may be needed
    • Screwfix can be looked at later
    • Plus any others the group finds/gets recommended