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  • Lionel, Andrew, Michelle


  • Michelle is dropping out
  • Michelle suggests having the "teams" (craft team etc.) deal with their own stuff
    • Problems: Interest? Extra work? Decision making? More purchase card work?
    • Lack of interest is probably major concern
    • Decided to advertise group
  • Andrew will ask for a singular proper card
  • Receipts still need to be collected presumably
    • Need clarification on what is considered a receipt for things brought online
  • Lionel will update the spreadsheet with recent purchases
    • Start of auditing: See how it goes.


  • Macro purchases are done by Dominic still (Tea, Coffee, Sugar included, other things probably not)


  • Andrew - Advertise group:
    • Mailing list
    • Posters
    • Possibly email blast - see trustee part
      • Could include what was brought last month
  • Andrew - Monthly meeting organisation
    • Allow all members to come
    • Try first Tuesday of every month at 8:30PM, 5th of August
    • Add to calendar
  • Lionel will try adding items to spreadsheet - if cumbersome will look into a software solution

List of things from the trustees needed - Andrew to action:

  • Single purchase card
    • Secure location to store it - safe access?
  • Check how the budget for craft area is - are we expected to replenish or do they a monthly budget?
  • Clarification on receipt procedure, require it in writing for wiki
    • Purchase form - need the .doc to print.
  • Ask to know if we can do a mailing advertising burst, possibly once a month, calling for requests for items or attendance to the meeting