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Present: Lionel, Andrew

Meeting Notes

Vending Machine:

  • Raspberry Pi and Ardiuno machines:
    • Q: How many do we want to stock? (roughly £25 each). Half a dozen each would be good to start.
    • Q: What do we want to stock? Basic models to begin with.
    • Roger Light - Phenoptix
    • Matt Lloyd - Ciseco
  • Andrew will talk to Dominic about space in the vending machine
  • Andrew will raise special costs with Trustees

Laser cutter materials:

  • Lionel going to investigate places for plastics and wood
  • Will talk to Martin and Dominic

Request list:

  • Looked at vending items - see above - one off purchase to start with
    • Conductive Pen - will check with Matt Little
  • Labelling tape - approved, always - need 24mm black on white - need part number from Dominic
  • Toilet paper - approved, always (already purchased)
  • Large nitrile gloves - approved, always (already purchased by Lionel)
  • Dishwasher tablets - approved, always (already purchased). Need some more though. Add to Makro list.
  • Rubber bands - approved, always - need to investigate sizes and eBay for bags

Request internally:

  • Blue rolls - approved, always. 2 ply, 19cm, 150m. Need to buy more stock. Where from? Arco was last place.
  • Handwash - appoved, always. Dominic perhaps get some more at Makro.

Check of space:

  • Checked workshop:
    • New incoming donations didn't have much except solder / wick (left for Electronics guys to sort)
    • Nuts/bolts/screws - several needed, need to check with David on if there are spare sets anywhere, else buy once we have a standardised list
    • Tape and cable ties look okay
  • Cleaning cupboard:
    • 2 blue rolls left, could do with more
    • Kitchen roll has 6 left, replaced one in kitchen
    • Need some dishwasher tablets and hand wash soap (down to 8 and 2 spare respectively)
    • Squash and tomato ketchup is out; will buy some more.

Actions (some from last meeting):

  • Andrew:
    • Posters
    • Possibly email blast - see trustee part
      • Could include what was brought last month
  • Andrew - Monthly meeting organisation
    • Allow all members to come
    • Try first Tuesday of every month at 8:30PM, 5th of August
    • Add to calendar
  • Lionel - Laser Cutter Material investigation
  • Lionel - Email Matt Little regarding Conductive Pens
  • Lionel - rubber bands on eBay investigation
  • Lionel - A3 white paper
  • Lionel - Blue roll purchase
  • Andrew - Vending machine investigation (ask Dominic)
  • Andrew - Ask Dominic about labeller part for 24mm black on white
  • Andrew - Tomato ketchup and squash to buy

List of things from the trustees needed - Andrew to action:

  • Single purchase card
    • Secure location to store it - safe access?
  • Check how the budget for craft area is - are we expected to replenish or do they a monthly budget?
  • Clarification on receipt procedure, require it in writing for wiki
    • Claim for money/purchase form - need the .doc to print
  • Ask to know if we can do a mailing advertising burst, possibly once a month, calling for requests for items or attendance to the meeting