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Andrew, Martin, Russell.

Meeting Notes


  • 2015-10-31 - £200 card load
  • 2015-11-02 - £82.29 - Makro

Card on 20th Jan: £132.88

To purchase needed:

  • Makro
  • Duct tape
  • Glue (Shop4Glue might be open at some point)
  • Drill bits

Brought between last meeting and now:

  • Makro run to fill up essentials in early November.

Report from last meeting:

  • Andrew:
    • Reprap straps (Need to email Dominic)
    • Cable ties
    • Blue tack
    • Need lots of sharpies. One option: Reference link
    • Label maker tape - black on white
    • Local Building Merchants:
      • Wood Filler (move to woodworking team?)
      • Blow torch gas (move to metalworking?)
  • Martin:
  • Russell's list - approved to look for/get:
    • Grinding/cutting discs (move to another team?)
    • Blade connectors (electronics)
    • Tinted Visor (our current Arco one doesn't have a tinted one available) (move to metalworking?).
    • Metal polishing wax - run out of some already (move to metalworking?)
    • TIG welding gloves in various sizes (small/medium) (move to metalworking?)

Other things not got:

  • Sieve for straining coffee grounds - Tea strainer from Makro probably, approved.
  • Velcro - need to know what kind of types.
  • Needles and Bobbins for Toyota Sewing Machine and Overlocker. EL Grain company in Bulwell supplies these. Also need the instructions for both machines again.
  • White thread for overlocker
  • Black and white thread for sewing machine
  • Cupboard for kitchen to store items (locked) if we happen to see one
  • TIG Argon (move to metalworking?)
  • Bike repair kits or shop kit of 50 repair things


  • some silly items
  • Flappy sanding disk for grinder - metal area - 110mm. What grit? 2 types/whatever.
  • Blue roll
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Jigsaw blades
  • TZ Tapes for label printer
  • Double sided tape

Walk Around


  • Permanent markers
  • Biro Pens
  • Tapes (all kinds)
  • Glue sticks


  • Bin liners
  • Loo roll
  • Blue roll


  • Nothing except kitchen roll. Review next month list.


  • Tapes (all)
  • Glue (as before)
  • Possibly large disposable gloves
  • Hanzel Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - Pumicized - needed, talk to David
  • Barrier cream tub pump for 5ltr bottle
  • Nuts and bolts - Downstairs access needed

Possibly need some more for the heavy duty cleaner. Makro run generally toilet paper and roll.