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This is an inline template which should be placed immediately after the material in question, as with a footnote. It will create a link to the talk page where details of clarification request should be specified.


Abbreviated example
{{clarify|date=February 2019|reason=Please state location.}}
Parameter descriptions
This template allows an optional date parameter that records when the tag was added. If this template is added without the date parameter there is no date bot installed on this wiki.
Reason parameter not implemented - need a simple way of making tooltip (perhaps using a mediawiki extension)
Because it may not be immediately apparent to other editors what about the tagged passage is in need of clarification, it is generally helpful to add a brief reason for the tag: {{Clarify|reason=What the problem is}} (this is preferable to using an HTML <!-- comment --> after the tag, as it is tidier to keep all of the clarify-related code inside the template). If the explanation would be lengthy, use the article's talk page.
As well as being visible in the source code for editors' benefit, the reason parameter is, if provided, displayed when the mouse is hovered over the "clarification needed" link in the article.