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[20:05] <Soph-> Roll Call: James H, Kate B, Sophie, Rob H, David C, Matt Lloyd, Daniel, Russel, Pat, Chris Kane, Matt Little, Lionel, Vicki
[20:05] <Soph-> Late Entry: Mouse
[20:07] <Soph-> Annoucements & Events: Matt L: Leicester creator fair - attended by gareth, kate and matt. you did have to pay to get into the space centre - £13 was entry. You could have seen most f the fair without going through the turnstiles. It was not busy. We sold £50 worth of LED badges. Was not worth doing for two days.
[20:07] <Soph-> Entry: Andreas
[20:08] <Soph-> Andreas: is doing a PhD at uni of nottingham on understanding hacker and maker culture/social organisation/work practice.
[20:08] <Soph-> Happening in open technology labs in Austria. Would like to do this at nottinghack as well.
[20:08] <Soph-> 1st step is finding out what hacking and making means, talking to people, observing what people are doing, whats interesting about it
[20:09] <Soph-> 2nd step will be to design technology that will help that, figure out what innovation means in the context of hacking.
[20:10] <Soph-> JH: Of course welcome, but as Pat said, ask permission. As long as respectful to people then all is well
[20:10] <Soph-> Kate: Halloween party, there will be a costume competition and a party
[20:11] <Soph-> JH: there is currently a 3d Printer pledge, please contribute and pledge.
[20:12] <Soph-> Actions: None current except for safety rep.
[20:12] <Soph-> Minutes: please send a message on the group when the minutes are done
[20:12] <Soph-> Tools Team: nothing major purchased this month, but we are running short on stanley knives/small trimming knives.
[20:12] <Soph-> Request: from Russell to get the oxypropane thing working.
[20:13] <Soph-> Russell will work with David to get this fixed
[20:13] <Soph-> Resources: stocked up on nuts and bolts, rubber bands etc
[20:14] <Soph-> Comms team: newsletter went out today with over 640 people now subscribed
[20:15] <Soph-> Also: need to work on more people hosting events on the website
[20:15] <Soph-> Software: welcome to Rob - Rob & James are going to be working on cleaning up HMS
[20:16] <Soph-> Membership: Over 300 now. but we are in need of a member audit.
[20:18] <Soph-> Safety: None present, but the lone worker alarm went off - but it did raise the issue that the lone worker alarm phones Dominic and only Dominic
[20:20] <Soph-> Wiki: No update:
[20:20] <Soph-> AOB: Kate wants to revamp the comfy area and buy new sofas, new shelving, new coffee tables and machine washable couch covers
[20:21] == tom_buzz [] has joined #nottinghack
[20:24] <Soph-> Includes: Carpet tiling (proposal from JH to re-lino the entire studio), 2 3 seater sofas, 3 possible armchairs, lots and lots of storage.
[20:25] <Soph-> Also priced up for blackout curtains for the windows
[20:26] <Soph-> Extra proposal: to purchase large curtains to cover the gap between the studio and comfy area
[20:27] <Soph-> JH: full cost roughly £2,800.
[20:28] <Soph-> Comments:
[20:28] == tom_buzz [] has quit [Quit: tom_buzz]
[20:28] <Soph-> SRW: good idea but better over installments.
[20:29] <Soph-> PMD: Could we do it via a lease?
[20:30] <Soph-> JH: wouldn't be money efficient
[20:30] <Soph-> ML: may need more discussion for the actual "plan"
[20:32] <Soph-> RH: Proposal to hardboard entire floor
[20:33] <Soph-> JH: agreed
[20:33] == Chris3DSmith [~quassel@] has joined #nottinghack
[20:34] <Soph-> *Longer discussion about placing hardboard in the studio and the length of time it will take*
[20:38] <Soph-> Vote on proposal about whether we should move forward on this: 11 ayes, remainder abstention
[20:38] <Soph-> AOB?
[20:39] <Soph-> ML: Hack the Space on Sunday
[20:39] <Soph-> Meeting Called