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This page should help members see what's going down in the Hackspace in relation to the Trustees.


  • Mini mill and chopsaw sent to Sheffield Hackspace
  • Acquired particulate filter unit for dusty area

16/09/16 In previous couple of weeks:

  • Hackspace To Do trello board set up. Team Tools and Resources
  • Potential for prescription safety goggles set up
  • AGM planning begins
  • Some networking gear purchased


  • Trustees authorise purchase of monitors and network gear to replace outdated kit
  • Kate updates wiki with the tools we use for teams (Team Tools and Resources)
  • Froggy begins putting together a Hackspace To Do list on Trello (see Team Tools page for info)


  • Rob and Froggy helped get the embroidery machine delivered to space and set up.
  • Organising the AGM continues


  • Agreed to purchase new Henry vacuum cleaner to replace worn on Dyson for studio use
  • Purchased Henry vacuum cleaner, stored behind door in members storage room, available for members to use as needed
  • Embroidery machine was ordered around this time


  • Emailed PiJam
  • Closed some long standing email chains with members/organisations
  • Contacted Stem City re: Hackspace involvement
  • Contacted Craft Council re: Hackspace involvement
  • Counted cash made at EMF and released to the Space
  • Discussed regathering Hackspace materials from unfinished projects/members
  • Started collecting pledge money for the Embroidery Machine


  • Closed a complaint
  • Discussion on this year's AGM


  • EMF has happened
  • Sophie ensured no-one starved to death at EMF
  • Return to business as usual updates and activity


  • Russell joins the Trustees as successful candidate of the election
  • EMF final prep and loading
  • Follow-ups on previous complaints emails
  • Rob spent a long time chatting with the Leicester trustees and helping them out.
  • New fridge is purchased for the space, old one will be used for EMF as its last outing.
  • Took photos of some of the mess around the space and are working on a method to make people more aware of how to treat the space.
  • Looked into potentially posting the Trustee Slack channels into HMS for member viewing. Discovered that they export as JSON files and that the time involved in formatting the files, as well as editing out any confidential information, make it unfeasable. Instead, we're updating this wiki page on a regular basis, and looking into options for posting from the Slack channels into a file automatically.


  • Passed members list onto returning officer for election setup
  • Created flowcharts to help members understand complaints and how they are handled
  • Sent 2 emails relating to complaints
  • Email sent to EMF Project Leads
  • Started a major audit of Hackspace Teams


  • Created flowchart and policy for events handling in the Hackspace from now


  • Long discussion about new embroidery machines, pledges, inductions and future pledge drives
  • Long discussion about whether or not N-1, 4 ayes etc etc are good ways of making trustee decisions


  • Paid Cleaners


  • Sent email to member about abandoned items within Hackspace


  • Updated Wiki with election nominees
  • Elected returning officer
  • Bought extension leads for EMF/Space


  • Made changes to FairFX administration to allow more trustees access
  • Looked at fridge and barbecue options
  • In depth discussions on Fundraising/video/future video plans


  • Dealt with event organiser


  • Spoke to member about abandoned items within Hackspace


  • Got electricity meter readings corrected for unit G4 and a £314 credit note from bizspace


  • Several discussions & comms related to storage issues


  • Put up several different types of signage in the Hackspace


  • Wrote comms aimed at low paying members for Newsletter, Group & personalised emails
  • Added Adam to the Hackspace Bank Account


  • Agreed upon and bought Hackspace 2.5 supplies


  • Paid the cleaners


  • Started lots of signage posters
  • Sent Mouse money to help with fire pong
  • Kicked off election
  • Setup rota for regular Tuesday/Saturday 2.5 hacking sessions