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Name Ian Dickinson AKA Ian D
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  • Electronics
  • Mechanical music


  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Laser cutting



  • Nothing in progress at the present time!


  • Allotment solar powered IoT sensor system - Onion Net
  • Hackspace video for Computerphile - Computerphile
  • Small hand turned pipe organ - Computerphile YouTube
  • Talking Donations Bot - A speaking collection tin that sits in the comfy area and attempts to solicit money from visitors on a Wed Open Hack Night - flickr
  • IoT connected Ouija board - Crapathon 2018 entry (2nd place) - Flickr
  • Temperature replicator - Crapathon 2017 entry - Flickr
  • Theremin playing robot - Crapathon 2015 entry (winner!) - YouTube
  • Fire Pong (completed with other hackspace members) - Project:Fire_Pong - Hackaday - Computerphile - Magpi
  • Barbot, various hardware components (completed with other hackspace members) - Project:BarBot - YouTube
  • Turned various bowls on the wood lathe
  • Nottingham Light Night 2016 - flickr
  • Customised guitar - flickr
  • Theremin based on Arduino Uno with one of these shields Open.Theremin.UNO
  • Nixie tube clock using IN-19B tubes, so a bit different to your normal Nixie tube clock! - flickr - Hackaday
  • CNC hole punch for creating piano rolls from midi files - YouTube - flickr
  • A pigeon proof bird table - flickr
  • Hard disk clock - YouTube
  • Gieger counter - Arduino based using SI-3BG tube
  • Pianola repair / restoration - Blog
  • Reed organ restoration - unfortunately I had to sell this before I was allowed to get the pianola, but here it is finished YouTube

To do, one day: