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Safety Glasses and spectacles do not really work well together! I am interested in purchasing some prescription safety glasses, and thought others might be too, and maybe we can get some bulk-buy discounts.

I am currently looking around for deals, but if you are interested, put yourself on the list below, with your prescription and I'll include you when I get options, more details and costs - this does not commit you to anything at this stage!

If you don't want to put your prescription here, then that is fine, but I will probably need them before we order, and some glasses seems to have limits on what prescriptions they can take.

I have no idea at this point what prescriptions are supported, if you need bifocals, put your ADD for each eye into the notes column

Name Right Left Notes
Sph Cyl Axis Prism Base Sph Cyl Axis Prism Base
James Hayward ? ? ? - - ? ? ? - -
David Clarke ? ? ? - - ? ? ? - - Bifocals, need new prescription
Mouse ? ? ? - - ? ? ? - - Hopefully can dig up prescription
Nick Baumer ? ? ? - - ? ? ? - -