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HS 1.0 ToDo

Sandbox off my ToDo thoughts, in no order

  • Update chalk board downstairs we are now number 11
  • Refit latch
  • Patch other side of 1st doors
  • Extend buzzer/handset for dancers
  • New buzzer to hackspace, hook into old system
    • Handsets are Videx 3011 4 wire, need to confirm supplier and price [1]
    • Cool green glowing buttons [2] [3], need metal clad blank plate
  • Magnetic alarm to door and twitter/irc
  • Buzzer to twitter/irc
  • IRC room on freenode, bots??
  • Wiki log book for hours 3hours 9th feb doors
  • Dynamic DNS entries? space has static ip
  • Events system
  • Wiki account creation email and admin with your request
  • Door control do we really need rifd? How do we log people?
  • Redesign workbenches, 4'x4', wood cutting list
  • Fix more shelving in tool room. Front wall 4' wide
  • Maker fair planning details to wiki
  • Donation pots:- everywhere!! Toilet! for paper & cleaning etc. Kitchen/brew station.
  • Hang White board
  • Power in the HS, more sockets!!, cost how/were.
  • Fix my RepRap
  • Arduino workshop 201
  • ChaosVPN? Should we at least register an IP range to use
  • HS VPN