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Michelle is lots of things, generally for a short period of time until she gets fed up and moves onto something else. These include/have included; playing the 'cello, gliding, cycling, motorbikes, wine-making, dressmaking and woodworking to name a few! Originally from Kingston (upon Hull), Michelle moved to Nottingham in 2009 to start her undergraduate Masters in Biology and discovered the Hackspace in 2011, becoming a full member in 2013.

An approachable person (except when wearing ANE headphones!) she'll talk the hind leg off a donkey if in the right mood and given a cup of tea!


Alethiometer/Compass table

This is currently underway and being documented on Michelle's newly-founded blog.

Jewellery display

Something knocked together to show off a small collection of jewellery at home. An old picture frame, cork board and some scrap fabric - simple!

Demijohn heater

Something which Michelle can't take complete credit for as James Fowkes did most of the work, but the idea was hers!

UV-illuminated pendant

A small piece of light-up jewellery resulting from a trip to Greenwich. With a little help from James Fowkes and some conductive thread donated by Kate Bolin.

Prom Dress

Michelle's first real project - designed, made and eventually worn to her school prom in 2006.