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MIG Welding machine is SuperMig 180


  1. Inspect the spool of welding wire in compartment on left of welder - check there is enough for purpose
  2. Turn upper (power) knob on front panel to 0
  3. Connect blue triple phase plug into wall behind welder & rotate switch to on position
  4. Turn on gas:
    1. Right hand Ar/CO2 bottle (verify by following hose)
    2. Use spanner to open bottle valve (anti-clockwise)
    3. To test flow, trigger on MIG welder head (with power off)
    4. Use regulator to adjust flow
  5. Set power (top knob) and feed rate (lower knob) on front panel. Typical starting values: power=2, feed rate 2 or 3.
  6. Clamp work or work table
  7. Welding mask on, proper clothes worn
  8. Trigger is two pull - gas first, then power