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About Me

To many idea`s, not enough time!

Electrician by trade.

Willing to learn new skills,software and equipment. Here`s some new ones i`m in the process of trying to master!

Ardunio processing,

Draftsight software,

Laser cutter,

Amtel AVR - USB minimus AVR


buiding with a plan, not just going with the flow!!

Personal Projects

In Progress.

Mini Arcade Cabinet Model

Mini `GBA SP` arcade Machine

xbox clock

To Start (in no order!).

internal VGA mod for sega dreamcast

50 > 60 Htz switch for sega dreamcast

rca mod to sega master system

Raspberry pi fitted into a NES


micro ATX mobo in a NES

NES and/or Sega Master System controller usb adapter(s)


NES cart Hdd enclosure

Atari Vibrati Punk Console

Fully Working SNES cart with internal usb thumb drive.

Hackspace Projects

Acquiring new light fittings and electrical materials for the space.

Replace old lighting scheme with a new layout and new switch positions.

Places to find me - my `only updated when i can be arsed` blog
twitter = NondoX
Xbox Live = Nondo X
Flickr = Nondo X
Instructables = NondoX
Google+ = tom gwynne