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Westomatic Vending Machine
Primary Contact
Created 01/06/2011
Completed 01/04/2012
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Manufacturer Westomatic
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Location Vending Machine
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Status Complete
Type Hackspace Infrastructure
Live Status Live
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Thanks to pledges from our members we were able to acquire our first, second hand, vending machine in June 2011. It has been in operation since early/mid 2012. It is in the Vending Machine area.

Quick details

  • Westomatic
  • 6 shelves, 31 vent slots
  • Missing the coin mech, about £100 off eBay to replace
  • Missing lock, £12 off eBay
  • Seller said there was an issue with the refrigeration unit, something about a probe (possible temperature probe --'RepRap' Matt)
  • MCU is a MC68HC11E1CFN2 ('RepRap' Matt I have a few 68HC11E1CFN3's of we ever wanted to swap out for our own logic)
  • All Coin mech's use a common protocol called the Multi-Drop Bus, pdf of this here: File:MDB 3.0.pdf
    • Adding RFID payment using same members cards as use for Gatekeeper
    • This is made very easy due to the MDB spec
  • Looks like firmware might be stores on the UV erasable EPROM chip next to the MCU

Vending machine dimensions

There are two sizes of slot in the vending machine. I'll call them big and small. The max dimensions are as follows:

  • Big: 135mm width x 160mm high x 40mm depth
  • Small: 60mm width x 120mm high x 20mm depth

We should ensure that all kits/packets to be sold are within these dimensions. A C6 envelope (designed to hold a 1/4 sheet of A4 (A6 size) piece of paper is 114mm x 162mm. This will probably fit in fine.

The labels for the slots are 19mm high (so you can do prices and other labels).

Payment implementation

The vending machine can use MDB cashless devices, fitted with a custom cashless device. Its use the MDB/ICP protocol.