Winter Preparations at the Space

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BizSpace is an old and drafty building built to house large machines that would keep the employees warm with the power of industry.

Alas, industry does not pay the heating bills. But we have ways of keeping us warm during these long dark months.


There are heaters in every area of the space. Some of them are gas-powered, some are electric.

All cost the Hackspace money to run. If you do not need the heater on, please turn it off.

Blue Room

The Blue Room has a small electric heater that warms up the Blue Room comfortably.

It costs approximately 50p per hour to run. If you are using it, please consider for how long.

How to turn on the heater:

(instructions TBA)

Comfy Area

There is a large gas heater that looks like a coal fire in the comfy area.

It costs approximately (number) per hour to run.

How to turn on the heater:

(instructions TBA)


There is the rocket gas heater attached to a large gas bottle in the studio.

It costs approximately (number) per hour to run.

How to turn on the heater:

  1. Turn the fan on (black switch)
  2. Turn the gas regulator open (you should be able to hear the gas running into the system)
  3. Hold the grey button and press the ignite button repeatedly until the fire activates
  4. Hold the grey button for approximately 30 seconds
  5. If the heater goes out when you release the grey button, repeat the procedure

Note: If the heater does not light within 30 seconds, turn everything off, wait a few minutes and try again.



Safety in Cold Weather

You may feel the need to wear scarves, gloves, bulky coats and other warm clothing while working - especially in the workshop.

When using the large tools, make absolutely certain that no loose fabric is anywhere near the machines. No scarves overhanging the lathes, no fingerless gloves close to the saw blades, no bunched up sleeves by the drills.

Also remember that materials react differently in cold weather.